About us

KĖDAINIAI LANGUAGE SCHOOL is an educational institution that develops and implements non – formal and informal children‘s and adults‘ education programmes. All school activities are based on the principles of competences, creativity, respect and love, cooperation  and collaboration. Properly chosen teaching methods, cosy atmosphere and created conditions for a comprehensive self-expression have a huge impact on developing a socially meaningful and morally mature personality.

The school was founded during the first years of Independence in Lithuania in 1991 by enthusiastic foreign language teachers Virgilija Bobinienė, Milda Marija Bernadišienė and Gražina Biržietienė who foresaw the importance of various languages and cultures. The founder of the school is Kedainiai District Municipality. The first principal of the school was Virgilija Bobinienė.

On the 1st of January in 2013 under  the decision of Kėdainiai District Municipality Council, the school community moved to a renovated three-storey building in Pirmūnai St. 13A and continues its work until now.

In 1995 the first 26 students completed a four year language school programme and graduated from Kėdainiai Language School. All of them successfully entered a university to continue English studies or have chosen other areas of studies.

In 2002 the school celebrated the decade of its activities. Due to the reform of national exams the school year was moved from the 1st of September to the beginning of February and in 2006 the graduates received the certificates in winter.

Kėdainiai District Municipality Council made the desicion and reinstated the beginning of the school year curriculum and in this way all the non-formal educational institutions  of the district had to start the school year on the 1st of September.

Language School  implements non-formal education programmes aimed at developing specific communicative skills involving people of different ages. Children, adolescents and adults are given the opportunity to learn languages: English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Norwegian and Lithuanian. Everyone can choose the appropriate programme according to their language proficiency level. Younger schoolchildren who are curious enough and eager to learn more can attend the lessons at “Smart School” where mathematics, Lithuanian, English and Science activities are integrated.

School community actively participates in international projects particularly in Nordplus program and implements teachers‘ and pupils‘ mobility exchange projects.

Since 2016 November 17, Kedainiai Language School is enrolled to the list of accredited centres of Language placement and diagnostic tests for civil servants.

Since 2018 May 4, resolution No 16P-1.1-11(5-26)Kedainiai Language School became Accredited Volunteer centre (accredited for 3 years).

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