For students


Since September, the Language School invites students from the 1st to the 12th form to study according to the non-formal education programmes for children.

Form Programme Time Duration Price
1st–4th form students Integrated Lithuanian language, mathematics, English and science program “Smart School” September–May 1–4 years 12,00 Eur per month
5th–7th form  students English Language Program “In the country of Languages” September–May 1–3 years 10,00 Eur per month
5th–7th form students Bilingual program (Lithuanian / English / Russian / German / French / Spanish / Norwegian)” Learn the word…” September–May 1–3 years. 16,00 Eur per month
8th–11th form students Non-formal education program for children “I can” (English grammar, practice, creative writing, development of listening skills; second foreign language (Russian, German, French, Spanish) and mother tongue culture) September–May 4 years 20,00 Eur per month
10th–11th form students English Language B2–C1 (IELTS) September-May 2 hours per week 20,00 Eur per month